You begin production on the earthworks, siege towers, and armored vehicles. As soon as the enemy sees you trying to build war devices they immediately attack. You stand firm with your army; defend the engineers. Day after Day Lei is caught in a stand still with you. For every loss, they too would suffer the same loss. You start to create camp and a fort outside the city. As you try to build all of these items, Lei continues to attack your encampment. Every day you push them back. You do not get impatient and rush the city; you continue to take the hits of their daily attacks. Your men trust your judgment and continue to fight with all of their power everyday. A time comes when Lei does not waste its resources anymore battling your army.

. . .
Days pass without attack. Month pass without attack.
. . .

Your base is now just a trivial site outside of Lei. After a 6 month campaign here alone, many have forgotten the purpose of the fort. This is now the moment when the wise general strikes. When the enemy has been infected with your relaxed state. You launch a full assault on the city and capture it within hours. Without opposition or obstacle the city is yours. Lo Lefang is captured without struggle. The battle is won and Lei is no more! Your campaign was successful.


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