Deleted hospital scene from Bladerunner

Source: Bladerunner Photos and More

Small green letterforms skim soundlessly across a dark glass panel. Beneath the panel a sick, white face reads excerpts from TREASURE ISLAND, mouthing the words as they appear in front of him. It's Holden.

HOLDEN: (READING) Holden is flat on his back in a breather, an iron-lung-type device covered with indicator lights and exotic paraphernalia. The hospital room is in complete darkness. His breath comes in dark rasps as he reads. We became aware of Deckard standing in the shadows.

DECKARD: Whatcha reading? Holden is startled, has to look in a mirror angled over his head, rolling his eyes way back to see who it is.

HOLDEN: Deckard, TREASURE ISLAND! Good to see ya, buddy. Old favourite. Deckard looks down at Holden and doesn't say anything. Pretty awful, huh?

DECKARD: Naw, you look great! Absolutely terrific! Never saw you look better. Jesus, you look good. Deckard pinches Holden's cheek. Great complexion! Suit looks really nice. Who's your tailor? Deckard is making a joke, mocking hospital good cheer, but the touch of bitterness in his voice reveals his sympathy for Holden. Tears wet Holden's eyes.

HOLDEN: A big fucking skin job put the smash on me, wrecked me up! Looka me, for Chrissake! Deckard works at being hard.

DECKARD: You blew it, huh? Holden recovers from his tears and whines.

HOLDEN: It ain't like it used to be, Deck. It's tough now. These replicants aren't just a bunch of muscle miners anymore, they're no goddamn different than you or me... Deckard rests his elbows on the glass.

DECKARD: So what happened?

HOLDEN: Ten days ago Security at the Tyrell Corp. finds three intruders in the records room. Kills one, two get away, okay? Deckard nods. They do a routine autopsy on the one that got aired and... whaddya know? A skin job, one of the ones that busted out! Top drawer replicant... combat type... Nexus 6.

DECKARD: Pretty sexy, the sixes.

HOLDEN: Sexy! Three hours into the autopsy they still think they're cutting up a human. No marks, nothing. Deckard looks impressed. Satisfied, Holden continues. I decided to check out all new employees at Tyrell. I test 26 boring jerks until in comes this guy Leon Somebody, nothing special but very big... (pause) Anyway...

DECKARD: You Voight-Kampff him? Holden's eyes flutter a moment. Deckard waits. The breathing changes rhythm.

HOLDEN: Yeah! I thought maybe I was getting something... Maybe it doesn't work on these ones, Deck. Deckard gets up and gives Holden phony good cheer.

HOLDEN: It's all over, it's a wipe out, they're almost us, Deck, they're a disease, they're..

DECKARD: Take it easy, take it easy... Tyrell Corp's got one I'm gonna Vee Kay it tomorrow.

HOLDEN: Push it! Push that button! Deckard pushes.

DECKARD: What's it for?


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