You Are Here

A Little Theory

"No matter where you go... There you are."
--Buckaroo Bonsai

You Are Here is virtual tour of Europe. What does that mean anyway? In essence, You Are Here plays with the idea of location. You are at some computer somewhere reading this. I am at my machine writing it. As you read this, it exists on a server somewhere in California or Rhode Island. But you perceive the information you're receiving as a part of your screen, part of your experience--regardless of the fact that many other people may be viewing it at the same time.

This is all true of any Web, so what's special about this one? You Are Here is self-referential, in the sense that it constantly plays with this idea of location. Throughout the web, you are told where you are, told what you see, how you sleep, what you do. It is an adventure of sorts, but with a degree of interactivity: you decide where you go. You decide where you are. (but where ever you go, you are still here.)

I have tried to make the whole web as consistent as possible. There is no plot, per se, but there are certainly common threads. Certain things are bound to happen no matter what course you chart. But you are always here.


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