You are here. You have wondered, on your way here, what else is in Pisa. As you walk the mile between the station and the major attraction, you find out. There are a lot of tourists, and a lot of urban planning, and one long street of Shopping, leading to the tower. It is a long walk, and on the way you run into an old Swedish couple in a car. "Do you know where is the tower?" the Husband asks. "Not really," you answer, "do you?" "No," he answers, "Let us find it together."

Against your better judgement, you get in the car with the Swedish couple. They turn out to be very nice, but spend more time trying to find a place to park than trying to find the tower.Eventually you are there, and you see the famous object. You notice that there are thin metal ropes attached to the both to the tower and the ground, as if they can keep it from falling. You are told that the people in the shops and houses directly in its path are prepared to run out of the buildings at anytime, when it finally goes.

There is talk of rebuilding the foundation, but no one can decide whether to build it straight or leave it leaning.

The walk back to the trains station is less grueling, and you have seen what Pisa has to offer.

Where to?