You are here. About a year ago in Nice there was some fairly major terrorist activity, and as a result security at the train station is quite high. What this means to you is that you can't check your overpacked framepack at the station for the day. This wouldn't normally matter that much, but you plan to leave Nice tonight, so you've got to carry the damn thing all over town all day.

Rather than "seeing the sights" that Nice has to offer, you walk down to the beach, eat a leisurely lunch at McDonald's, and spend the rest of the day in a park drinking the cheapest red wine you could find. You can't help but notice the bronze bust in the center of the park. Taking a closer look you realize that this is a bust of the King of Sweden. You think this is quite odd, and decide to stagger back to the train station. You've had a pleasant, if somewhat sedentary day.

Where to?