You are here. Here is one of the lesser known main cities of Italy. Here you can find all the beauty of an Italian city in the Spring, with none of the hassles that being a tourist generates. Bologna is layed out in a series of concentric circular streets, with large main streets radiating out from the center of the town. Bologna is sunny in spring, and warm. As you walk out of the train station, you realize it is hotter than anywhere else you've been.

Bologna has its own Duomo, which admittedly isn't as big as Firenze's, but Bologna isn't about being big. It is, however, a very rich city. Ferrari's main factory is not far outside town, and just about everyone is better dressed than you.

You a fortunate to have a friend studying in Bologna for the year. He is happy to see you and you get to crash for free. He shows you the sites, takes you to few good Restaurants, and shows you a good time.

Bologna is the most porticoed city in the world.

After a week of sitting in the sun on your friend's balcony, you decide its time to go.

Where to?