You are here. Here is the capitol of Spain, The site of the 1992 Summer Olympic Games, Barcelona. Barcelona is a good-looking city. It is dominated by architecture, right down to decorative designs in the sidewalks.

There's lots to see: The Picasso Museum looks appealing, but the line is more than a block long. You decide, instead, to go to a tapas bar, play some pool, eat some albondigas (Spanish meat balls) and drink some Cervezas.

You begin to notice an odd trend in the smaller, local bars: They are all well lit, and have various meat products hanging from the ceiling. You want to ask why this is, but the only words in Spanish you are comfortable with are agua, albondigas and cerveza. These are enough to get you food and drink, and after a while you manage to explain yourself enough to find a place to stay.

Barcelona is dominated by the architecture of Gaudi, who was concerned with escaping the straight line, and making architecture more organic.

After a few days, you realize you can only eat so many meatballs, and it's time to go.

Where to?