Mitchell's City of Bits: Commentary and Discussion

What does Mitchell leave out?

M. Caleb Neelon

While a great deal of the information contained within Mitchell's City of Bits was interesting, I find myself asking what his point is. It seemed laden only with so much speculation and amazement at what technology can do, and awed guesses as to its future consequences. Certainly, it is an interesting thing when technology creates another world that dispels our basic notions of place - which he described well in the third chapter, I believe - yet Mitchell's own stake in the topic didn't really seem to surface, save for how he describes it affecting his daily life.

The most telling piece of the story to me is his retelling of the Alexander Grahmn Bell story. His first message on the new telephone was for Watson to come to him immediately because he wanted to SEE him. However, Mitchell brushes over this. He is quickly back to speculation. That in particular weakens, for me, the enthusiasm that Mitchell has for technology.

So I ask what it is that the new world of technology will lack. What does Mitchell leave out? What can he not find anything to be enthusiastic about?