There's nothing to say that characters even have to be human. Or even more interesting, that characters don't have to be human all the time...

look at Yib
You see a woman wearing dark trousers, a violet blouse, a peach linen blazer, and dark glasses (so as not to be recognized). She briefly notices your glance, but pretends not to. Yib is wearing a bracelet of elegant, sparkling Bits.
She is awake, but has been staring off into space for a minute.
  a linen handkerchief
Yib [to Guest]: Welcome. Type 'help map' if you want to see a general layout of the main part of the house.
Guest [to Yib]: thanks. i'm actually looking for interesting descriptions of characters around here to use in a paper-ish thing i'm writing for class
Yib [to Guest]: Ah. What sort of things do you find interesting?
Guest [to Yib]: i was actually looking for something non-human
Yib [to Guest]: I can help with that.
Yib slowly morphs into IshBish.
look at IshBish
You see a creature whose shimmering fur lies somewhere tantalizingly between azure blue and ivory. E has five arms and legs, each of which has a different number of fingers and toes. The shape... well, the shape is simply indescribable, but you do notice that eir eyes have a friendly twinkle in them.
E is awake and looks alert.