Wrapped in the darkness of ignorance,
One performs the three kinds of actions
Which as dispositions impel one
To continue to future existences.

Having dispositions as its conditions,
Consciousness enters transmigration.
Once consciousness has entered transmigration,
Name and form come to be.

Once name and form come to be,
The six sense spheres come into being.
Depending on the six sense spheres,
Contact comes into being.

That is only dependent
On eye and form and apprehension.
Thus, depending on name and form,
And which produces consciousness-

That which is assembled from the three-
Eye and form and consciousness,
Is contact. From contact
Feeling comes to be.

Conditioned by feeling is craving.
Craving arises because of feeling.
When it appears, there is grasping,
The four spheres of grasping.

When there is grasping, the grasper
Comes into existence.
If he did not grasp,
Then being freed, he would not come into existence.

This existence is also the five aggregates.
From existence comes birth
Old age and death and misery and
Suffering and grief and . . .

Confusion and agitation.
All these arise as a consequence of birth.
Thus this entire mass of suffering
Comes into being.

The root of cyclic existence is action.
Therefore, the wise one does not act.
Therefore, the unwise is the agent.
The wise one is not because of his insight.

With the cessation of ignorance
Action will not arise.
The cessation of ignorance occurs through
Meditation and wisdom.

Through the cessation of this and that
This and that will not be manifest.
The entire mass of suffering
Indeed thereby completely ceases.