...I don't have to accept a stone wall just because it's there and I don't have the strength to breach it...As if such a wall could really leave me resigned and bring me peace of mind because it's the same as twice two makes four! How stupid can one get? Isn't it much better to recognize the stone walls and the impossibilities for what they are and refuse to accept them if surrendering makes one too sick? Isn't it better, resorting to irrefutable logical constructions, to arrive at the most revolting conclusions on the eternal theme that you too, somehow, share the responsibility for the stone wall, although it's obvious that you're not at all to blame for it; and then, to sink voluptuously into inertia, gnashing your teeth in impotent rage, unable to find someone on whom to vent your rage and hatred, and losing hope of ever finding anyone; feeling that you've been short-changed, cheated, deceived, that everything is a mess in which it is impossible to tell what's what, but that despite this impossibility and deception, it still hurts you, and the less you can understand, the more it hurts.