re- pref. in vbs. and vbl derivatives (sometimes red- before vowels: redeem, redolent, redound), denoting: 1. in return, mutual(ly), (react, rebound, remunerate, resemble, respond, revenge). 2. opposition (rebel, rebuff, reluctant, repel, resist) 3. behind, after, (relic, remain, repent, retain, retard). 4. retirement, secrecy, (recluse, recondite, refuge, reticence). 5. off, away, down, (rebuke, recede, relegate, renounce, repress, resolve). 6. frequentative or intensive force (redouble, refine, regard, remark, research, resonant, revile). 7. negative force (recant, reprobate, resign)

    In sense 8 & 9 (which are not always distinguishable) re- can be prefixed to almost any E vb. or vbl derivative; it is often hyphenated in British use in wds made for the occasion, in wds having homonyms, and before e (re-contravention, re-pair = pair again, re-entry)/

    8. once more, again, afresh, (esp. in order to alter or improve or renew): readjust, reaffirm, reapply, reappraise, rearrange, reassert, reassess, reassign, rebaptize, rebroadcast, rebuild, recapitulate, recite, recoin, recolonize, recolour, recombine, recommence, recompose, redecorate, redesign, redistribute, redivide, redress, redye, re-edit, refashion, refectory, refurnish, regenerate, regenesis, regrind, regroup, rehear, rehouse, reimpose, reinter, relabel, remint, rename, reorder, reorganize, repack, repaper, repaper, repartition, repeat, replant, represent, repressurize, reprovision, republish, reread, rerun, resettle, reshape, resole, restart, restock, resurface, resurvey, retell, retrim, returf, retype, reuse, revaccinate, revictual, revise, revisit, rewind, rework. 9. back, with return to previous state after lapse, or cessation or occurence of opposite state: reabsorb, readmit, reafforest, reanimate, reappear, reappoint, reascend, reassemble, reassume, recalesce, recall, receive, recidivist, recombine, reconquer, reconvert, recross, recumbent, recur, redescend, rediscover, redissolve, reduce, re-elect, re-embark, re-emerge, re-enact, re-engage, re-enter, re-establish, re-export, reforest, refresh, refurbish, regain, regerminate, regild, regress, reheat, rehumanize, reignite, reimport, reimpose, reincorporate, reinsert, reintroduce, reinvigorate, reject, rekindle, relax, remilitarize, renationalize, renew, renovate, reoccupy, reopen, repatriate, repeople, replace, replenish, repolish, repopulate, repurchase, repurify, requicken, resilient, resuscitate, retort, retract, retrieve, reverse, revitalize, revive. [f. L re-, red- again, back, etc.