First: Artaud the Schizo: double personality constantly doubling, supplementing, his ever fragmenting self.

Second: Artaud the Actor: Artaud embodies the schizo-phrenic life of non-identity, always in ever changing roles, both on stage, on the film set and outside.

Third: Artaud the Poet: writing with and on schizophrenia, collapsing, in a schizo-phrenic frenzy,established notions of ideal textualities and the cult of the Author. Writing as a schizophrenic on schizophrenia: for Artaud there are no fixed borders or categories, only floatingsignifiers, no Hors-Texte, only transgressions. Textuality/Writing permeates the very fabric of his existence.

In all cases: Artaud the Pharmakos: the destabilisor of foundational categories of rational thought and middle-class taste. He is a   scatological schizo-scapegoat dwelling both inside and outside (textuality/ideology) and in-between, never fully inhabiting either one.