The Return of Artaud the Momo (Excerpts)

The anchored mind screwed into me

by the psycho-

lubricious thrust of

the sky

is the one that thinks

every temptation, every desire,

every inhibition.

o dedi

a dada orzoura

o dou zoura

a dada skizi

o kaya pontoura

o ponoura

a pena


Not the membrane of the chasm,

nor the member omitted from this gism,

sprung from depredation,

but slut meat,

outside membrane,

outside of there where its hard or limp.

Already passed through the hard and the limp,

spread out this slut meat in palm

of hand

bloodless from holding itself stiff

black, violet, from straining toward the limp.

But what then in the end, you, the madman?