Enter 'Boy'

Enter 'Boy'

Enter a boy.

Boy: Excuse me.
Der: You have a message from Mr. Foucault.
Boy: Yes sir.
Der: He won't come this evening.
Boy: No sir.
Der: But he'll come tomorrow.
Boy: Yes sir.
Der: Without fail.
Boy: Yes sir.

Silence. Exit Boy.

Bak: What's wrong with you?
Der: Nothing.
Bak: I'm going.
Der: So am I.
Bak: Where shall we go?
Der: Not far.
Bak: Yes, let's go very far from here.
Der: We can't.
Bak: Why not?
Der: We have to come back tomorrow. To wait for Foucault.
Bak: Ah.
Der: Maybe we should hang ourselves.
Bak: What if we're already dead?
Der: How will we know?
Bak: Foucault will tell us. He's coming tomorrow.
Der: Then we'll hang ourselves tomorrow. Unless Foucault comes.
Bak: And if he comes?
Der: We'll know if we're saved. Or dead. Or at least...what our function is.
Bak: What if we're not authors?
Der: Foucault will know.
Bak: Well? Shall we go?
Der: Yes, let's go.

They do not move.

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