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The interesting thing about Ministry lyrics is that Al Jourgensen, the singer, guitarist, co-songwriter and co-producer (the guy on the left), refuses to publish his lyrics. Some say it's because he has no lyrics and just screams into the microphone in some animalistic growl. However, his stated reason is that he wants people to come up with their own interpretations. The song lyrics I have included here are interpretations. They are mostly done by Aaron Giles of the University of Chicago. I pulled them off the Unofficial Ministry Homepage and I have made my own corrections and refinements.

Now, having listened to these songs over and over, I'm pretty sure these are "accurate," or at least, plausible. But of course, absolute certainty is impossible.

So knowing that, who is the person actually responsible for these lyrics? Is it Al Jourgensen? Is it this Aaron Giles fellow? Or is it me?

Authorship is complicated.


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