After all that talk about you, the reader, taking control, why am I, your author, now giving you instructions on how to read?

Perhaps I am merely clinging on to my last illusions of control. After all, consider what an ego destroyer it must be? We begin with a shockwave sequence, where I had you, my reader, trapped in front of the screen, forced to sit through the text presented until I, your all powerful author, decided it was time to move on. And then, bam! we are at an attempt to create the ideal text and I, your author, am forced to let you, the reader, wrench control out from under my fingertips.

So give me my last few moments at the helm. After all, I am about to feel rather insignificant.

(Or, of course, you could always grasp your control now.)

Back to the... begining? Get me out of here!