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The London-based political philosopher John Gray in an interview with the Dutch television series "De Nieuwe Wereld" argues that globalisation is a political project, rather than a corporate ploy, that is ideologically closely connected to Anglo-American worldviews. In this, the new media and technologies are a tool for economic neoliberalist and late-capitalist globalisation, but at the same time provide tremendous means and opportunities for activist organisations through fast communication and dissemination of information. He claims that the Internet provides full openness and anarchism, which I think is a rather too relativistic claim. Still, power resides in the hands of actual people and institutions, although part of it is indeed dispersed in the Net. Furthermore, Gray in my opinion is slightly technologically determinist in that he sees technology as a precondition of capitalism. Instead, it is more to the point to argue with Manuel Castells that the new media and late-capitalism mutually constitute each other.

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