"One can also [destroy (what we mean by) the author], by decentering text or by transforming text into a network" (Hypertext 2.0, 93).

To extend the idea of the diminishing role and existence of an author in hypertext, it is better understood if we view his work as belonging to a part of a larger system--text within a network of texts. To draw an analogy, this web-like network resembles a food web where a particular text is linked to other texts via multiple links in a non linear fashion just as an organism that has relations to many other spcies of organisms: A food web rather than a food chain. Incidentally, it reflects the text as dependent on other texts instead of a stand alone entity. Consequently, we will observed the blurring of intertextual boundaries--we no longer will conceive text "as a closed, complete, absolute object [by a specific author]" (79).

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