" Huh. What a weird sum. Anyway...don't you think it's sad that mathematicians don't really get credit for their ideas?"

" What do you mean?"

"Well..we have to put footnotes and references for quoting people like Shakespeare but no one wants to know that Archimedes came up with pi."

"Less people will curse him then."

"Haha..Funny..but don't you think it is a bit unfair? Shakespeare didn't even write some of his alleged sonnets and plays. That's what I read anyway. It was a team effort, one theory at least."

"Who cares who wrote them? We still have to study them."

" Don't you think that people who wrote them deserve some credit for them?"

"No. Does it matter if a man named Mercedes invented the car? It is the idea that matters not who wrote them."

" I guess..."


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