The Boundary

The mountains encompass the land with a placid lake at the middle of it. It was a mass piece of dry land yet it seemed to be engulfed by the towering highlands. The cliffs draw a distinct boundary around the land. It had not looked the same from the air. The colours of the earth blended into each other when he looked out from his cockpit moments before he landed. Although he knew this was a mountainous region, the aerial view seem to conceal the gradients of the peaks and valleys. It was only a matter of varying views.

The boundary seems vague seems vague at times or is it a matter of perspective? When we ask what are the works of the author, we need to define a boundary. The boundary will distinguish how much of the remnants of the author we are extracting. The boundary is also subjective and largely depends on the perspective of the reader.

Michel Foucault feels that the problem of defining the boundary of an author's works is both a theoretical and practical problem. The reason is because we lack a theory to encompass the questions generated by a work. We should not bypass the status and individuality of the author in order to concentrate on a work.