The Skyscraper

I really want to die. To jump from here may solve everything. I would never had come to such a place on my own accord. My master brought me to the edge of the tallest skyscraper in Massachusetts. I am my own master and will set myself free from this world.

I never knew I was really two persons. I only remembered that when I fell asleep, it would last for days, sometimes weeks. I am David Lone. I am also Divad Enol. Divad Enol was an icon worshipped by all; all of his 3 books were international bestsellers; his status is worth millions of dollars. David is not. Now I am only David Lone and I told them. They tell me since Divad is gone, I am worthless. Divad Enol was the one they loved. Period. It does not matter if the words were written by the same hand, born of the same mind, created by the same emotions. Who is the real author? Does it mean that the real author does not share the same background, the same experience, the same life? How significant are the associations of the author's name?

Michel Foucault describes the author's name which functions as a reference as well as that of description and designation. The name of the author draws the association to his works and if a name that was associated with series of works becomes irrelevant, it would constitute a significant change and affect the manner in which the author's name functions.