handcuff.JPG (21224 bytes)            Well, this is just great. Typical guy, that Raven, he doesn't know the right way to treat a lady. Not that Y.T. can claim total innocence of course, but times like these are for assigning blame, not embracing it. But there's no time to feel sorry for herself; she doesn't want to be left alone on the Raft with a million zombies.

            She turns out to be horrifyingly prophetic, as her greatest fears become realized. With most of her gadgets already removed from her coveralls, Y.T. has nothing left that can help break her out of Raven's little prison. She yells and screams till she has nothing left but whimpers, and still, no rescue. Raven has disappeared, perhaps killed, perhaps he abandoned her. Hiro, too, is nowhere to be found.

            It is only after a few very long hours that Y.T. starts to hear the noise. The sound of many voices chanting as one, it begins as a slow murmur, but then steadily rises in volume, building to a thundering roar that reverberates through her entire body. It is the chant of Asherah.

            "Ne lu me e al we em le nu we el le we nu num le lew mu..."

            The roar, followed by distant crashes and explosions, signifies that the wireheads have taken control of the Raft, and no one is stopping them. Rife and his crew have left a million zombies alone to destroy themselves, and she is at their mercy. It is only a matter of time before they come for her. It will not be pretty...