raven.JPG (84276 bytes)            "Why would I take you here?" Raven asks.

            "Well, I'll be honest, I wasn't trying my best to impress you. It was more of a distraction technique, really."

            "What do you m--?" Y.T. starts to ask him, but when she feels a pair of iron hands grab her from the terminal on the Raft, she has a feeling that she can answer that question herself. Her goggles are removed, and now she is up close and personal with her man yet again, only this time in the flesh.

            "Sorry it has to be this way," Raven says, "but our discussion is going to be delayed while I take care of some more bullshit business. For now, I need to put you somewhere I know I can actually find you later. You can't trust anyone these days, it seems." yt.JPG (37757 bytes)

            "Raven, that hurts," Y.T. says, but her words fall on deaf ears as he picks her up off the ground as if she were a piece of loose change, and carries her into the Core. There, he finds a small, windowless chamber and unceremoniously dumps her inside, closing the door.

            "I'll make it up to you, baby, I promise," Raven coos from the corridor as he walks away.

            "Don't bother, you psycho asshole!" she calls after him. There isn't even a doorknob on the inside. It sure looks like Y.T. will be here for awhile.


To stick with Y.T. and see how she spends her time in the cell, please continue.

To ditch Y.T. and follow Raven instead (hey, that's where all the action is), go here.

To ditch all these humanoids and chill with Fido, head for the Doghouse.