heli.JPG (38123 bytes)            Goodbye, Raven! Before his avatar has a chance to fully "reel her in," Y.T. releases the poon known more commonly as the Metaverse by ripping off her goggles and jacking out in one swift motion.

            She sits there for a moment, wondering how exactly she got herself into a relationship with the World's Scariest Psychopath, and why part of her is still very attracted to him. She needs some time to think.

            Unfortunately, a pair of Asian strongmen wearing the latest in antenna fashions are not very sympathetic. The men yank Y.T. from the terminal, and drag her to a gangplank on the Raft, where a slick corporate chopper with the RARE logo awaits. After a brief gratuitous stint in a wire cage suspended twenty feet off the ground, she is ushered towards the chopper, where she meets at last the mysterious L.Bob Rife...

            Now might be a very good time to try out those dog tags Uncle Enzo promised would help get her out of a jam. Then again, they might very well turn out to be useless. Y.T. pulls the tags over her head and grips them loosely in her right hand as she walks toward Rife, pondering her next move...


Try the dog tags, because even Rife should be impressed with her connections.

Don't bother trying the tags, because Rife is ruthless and not about to be intimidated by anyone. Maybe there's still time for an escape.

Did somebody mention dogs? Maybe Fido can help.