enzo.JPG (39985 bytes)            "Let us cut to the chase, since I assume that your situation, Hiro, may be more precarious than ours," Uncle Enzo says.

            "You got that right, sir."

            "We would all like to know what the hell is going on," Mr. Lee says. His English is almost devoid of a Chinese accent; clearly his cute, daffy public image is just a front.

            "How much of this have you guys figured out?"

            "Bits and pieces," Uncle Enzo says. "How much have you figured out?"

            "Almost all of it," Hiro says. "Once I talk to Juanita, I'll have the rest."

            After being paid (along with Y.T.) 25 million Hong Kong dollars for his intel, Hiro proceeds to explain what he knows in a very, very, long and detailed fashion. Of course, one should hang on his every word as it is crucial to the greater understanding of the novel, but time is always of the essence.


If you would like to hear every word of Hiro's explanation, you may continue reading and rest assured we are very impressed.

If instead you are simply one of those short-attention-span Generation X whippersnappers, you can choose to hear the abridged version.