"Get me to my office," Hiro says. "Pull me onto the back of the motorcycle and then drive it there." "I don't know how to drive a motorcycle," she says. "It's only got one control. Twist the throttle and it goes."

            She twists: it goes. But thank God this is only the Metaverse: "she reaches out for the throttle and both of them jerk forward and slam into the wall of a skyscraper at Mach 1." (414) Well, eventually she gets the hang of it, and the duo reach Hiro's office.

            It is awfully nice of Y.T. to help out Hiro like this. But unfortunately, a pair of Asian strongmen wearing the latest in antenna fashions are less sympathetic. The men yank Y.T. from the terminal, and drag her to a gangplank on the Raft, where a slick corporate chopper with the RARE logo awaits. After a brief gratuitous stint in a wire cage suspended twenty feet off the ground, she is ushered towards the chopper, where she meets at last the mysterious L.Bob Rife..


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