yt.JPG (37757 bytes)            It's time to cruise. That abandoned plank in the corner is looking way more enticing than dragging Hiro's avatar halfway around the Metaverse; he can take care of himself. Why trust a motorcycle when you can ride a RadiKS complete with the Mark IV Smartwheels and all the amenities? Besides, this one's missing its registration tags, so it's probably stolen or black market. It is her duty as a Kourier to confiscate.

            Of course, although Y.T. is morally opposed to riding a motorcycle in the Metaverse, she has no qualms about pooning one, having learned the trick quite well in training at RadiKS. After hauling a ride out of downtown from a business suit (trying to be a rebel at the laughable three hundred miles per hour), Y.T. senses rather than sees another bike racing past on the left.

            Only a Kourier of her considerable skills would even attempt to latch onto the perhaps six inches of steel on the chrome spoiler, but she gets a direct shot. In fact, it was almost as though the bike slowed down a little to help her out. This guy looks like he belongs on a bike. He is huge, and travelling at about Mach three. Y.T. ignores him for the time being, as he doesn't seem to mind her hitching a ride. Besides, this RadiKS equipment is a little funky.

            As they fly through the middle of nowhere, she notices she seems to be reeling in towards the bike against her will. Hundreds of miles from the nearest tumbleweed, this is no time to shake loose from her ride.

            As she tries to give herself some more slack, the biker turns around and smiles, a wide, Aleut smile. Y.T.'s lunch is given about a mile of slack as it unceremoniously drops from her stomach; it is Raven. How could she miss that unmistakable hulk of an avatar? So her boyfriend is awake, in control, and likely not in the best of moods. But at least he smiled. Still, this might be a wise time to pull a Houdini and say goodbye to the Metaverse.


If you try to escape Raven by jacking out, yank those goggles.

If you would rather bide your time for the moment and see where Raven is taking you, stay on the Street.

You can always go back and help Hiro, after all.

To hang out at Fido's Doghouse, just woof.