Norman Richard Spinrad [1940-]

Born September 15th, 1940, in New York, New York.

Education: City College of the City, University of NY, B.S. 1961.

Was part of the New Wave movement in science fiction of the 60's, and was president of the Science Fiction Writers of America organization. Has attempted to elevate sci-fi literature to a respected and serious art form, as he considers the aspect of sci-fi as pop culture to be detrimental. He has been accused of being a weak stylist and plot constructor, but comes through strongly as an ironist and social moralist. He is quoted as saying that he is interested in the way the external environment (such as media, technology and politics) affects/alters the inner psyche.

Currently he appears to be very disgruntled with the publishing industry, and maybe just pissed-off at the world. Go to his web page and check it out. He's been publishing a lot in France (go figure) and is working on a multimedia project, music (song writing), and is trying to get his career back together (he said it, not me). If you want a real (surreal? hyperreal? ) bio, check out his autobiography (an on-site copy of what can be found on his page).