John Brunner [1934-1995]

a.k.a. Kilian Houston, John Loxsmith, Trevor Staines, Keith Woodcott

John Brunner was born September 24th, 1934 in Oxfordshire, England, son of Anthony Brunner and Felicity Whittaker.

He was educated at Cheltenham College, 1948-1951. He held numerous occupations, and headed the chair for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in 1961.

He is credited (often under the above pen names) with countless novels and short stories. Critics have cited him as one of the more important and successful speculative and extrapolative sci-fi writers in the world. His works often deal extensively with computers and the effects or social consequences of the human-computer relationship. Often he has projected many of the current sociological trends and environmental problems we now experience decades later. He also was one of the first writers to introduce the subject of computer viruses, the result of which helped spawn the internet crash of 1988.