The Mishkan receives a disproportionate amount of "press coverage" in the book of Exodus. Four and a half Parashas explain and repeat its laws and the details of its construction.

At the conclusion of the story of Sinai, Moses ascends Har Sinai for forty days to receive the "Luchot, Torah, & Mitzvah" (24:12-18). One would expect that the subsequent 'parshiot' of Mitzvot would contain all the mitzvot that Moses received during those forty days. Instead, the Torah records only the mitzvot relating to the commandment to build the Mishkan.

The narrative of the book of Exodus continues from the story of Har Sinai for an additional forty days to receive the Second Luchot. Immediately afterward, Moses gathers the people together to relay to them the mitzvot he received on Har Sinai. Again, one would expect all the mitzvot conveyed at that time (35:1) to be recorded in the ensuing parashas. Instead, only the mitzvot regarding the construction of the Mishkan are recorded.

This "exclusive coverage" of the Mishkan points to its thematic importance in the book of Exodus.