In his book Or Rashaz, Rabbi Simcha Zisl of Kelm offers an explanation of the Mikdash's function. He quotes Ibn Ezra, who likens the idea of holiness being concentrated and confined to a set "place" to man's sense of smell, which is confined to his nose. While one's entire being enjoys the smell of spices, it is absorbed through a small part of the body. Likewise, God is everywhere, but He communicates through the Mikdash. R'Simcha Zisl then adds a metaphor of his own. Since the discovery of electricity, we know there is potential light everywhere, even in darkness. Nonetheless, to see this light, man must take action. The Mikdash is the light of creation which is revealed through actions taken by man. Like electricity, it proves conclusively that there is a spiritual force throughout the universe, which need only be activated.