"Writing, power, and technology are old partners in Western stories of the origin (link to cyborg) of civilization..." (Haraway 153).

Writing is about "seizing the tools to mark the world" that has marked you as other (Haraway 175).

For women, writing can be the engine for change. Through writing, and feminine writing in particular, women enter history and seize the occasion to speak (Dallery 60).

Writing IS the power to signify, to cry out and explain and teach and impress. So it holds a position of significance for colonized, marginalized groups. Writing retells the 'origin stories' that are enmeshed in patriarchy, hierarchies and dualities. Writing subverts old authorities, and asserts the writer as "fully implicated in the world" (Haraway 175). In short, writing "teaches about the power of the margins (Haraway 175).