P E A C E ?

Women are best known for their "voices of peace." Some theorists, like Tickner, believe that women should use their peaceful, feminine stance to sway the global political system.

In contrast, Segal disagrees with the view that "women can save the world from the nightmares of nuclear weaponry" (Segal 4). She urges us to stop falsely extolling the virtues of femaleness and women, since "asserting women's strength and value sits awkwardly beside an awareness that many of women's most distinctive experiences and perceptions are projects of subordination."

"While the virtues of maternal loving and caring are obvious, they have never been materially valued but instead applauded only with the hypocrisy of cheap sentiment" (Segal 5).

The danger is that women could essentially urge reform, without questioning and changing the existing gender relationships.

It is better to learn lessons from our subordination and go on from there, creating new gender identities and relations along the way (Segal 5).