Day 27

hey there sleepy...


it's 11:24pm. you went to bed about an hour and a half ago. i just called and spoke to naomi...i almost asked her to wake you, but i didn't. i really have to say something to you, so i'll write it to you.

i feel really, really bad that i blew you off this afternoon. i didn't blow you off, but that might have been what you were thinking. i should have let you stay. that moment in our relationship should not have ended with me watching you leave the suite. i was extremely tired and passed out shortly afterwards, but that's not a valid excuse and i should have asked and let you stay...we could've fallen asleep in each other's arms. i am so sorry i asked you to leave. so, if you are mad at me, i only hope you can forgive me... see you in my dreams tonight (you'll probably be riding a flying ice cream cone, pistacchio ice cream, of course).

i'd really like to see you tomorrow, maybe a walk or coffee, or if we're both feeling a little eccentric, capriccio's.

room #1111