Day 14


i guess this is like the fourth or fifth thing i've sent you. sorry for the e-mail excess. my brain is about to explode...most likely it already has. my eyes are burning. anyway, i have to stay awake for like 12 more hours, but i would really like to see you tonight around 9ish if you're not busy. remember kids--don't try this at home. liquified-S. oh no, i'm melting. ahhhh...crasharama soon. i hope i wake up for lab on friday. by the way, i'm pretty incoherent and so is this message. i wish i had a bottle of wine in my hands right now, but that might just kill me. here is a bad poem in the majestic spirit of my really, really, really bad paper:
what would you do
when you're feelin' kinda blue
cause your name ain't lou.

i hate my physics t.a. i think i might just have to tell him that today...whoa, i've gone insane.
insane in the membrane
insane in the brain.
well, call me around 8:00. i swear, i will be awake (in some form). if i'm not have someone wake me up. they'll just open the coffin lid and shout real loud, then the corpse (that's me) will say:
long day ahead
never ever gonna get to bed
wishing i had said
something coherent instead.

p.s. i want my mommy