"nothin' better than a good hummer"

a purple queen
approached me today
after my lubricated escape from the office.
lookin' at me
with those baited fish hook eyes,
"nothin' better than a good hummer."
maybe her situation,
paying for the rent, the next fix,
has forced her into such
a preDICKament.
never woulda thought
queen would confront me
on newbury,
maybe in the Zone, but not newbury.
oh my queen.
i've never experienced a hummer,
but what you offer, i don't seek,
and what i seek, you simply can't.
what i seek,
like the Sax Man of the Commons,
playing REAL mutha fuckin' Soul, my queen,
is not a five dollar blowjob,
a fleeting moment of ecstacy,
but an expression,
an unending pouring forth of sound
that is
the jazz standard
of my soul.