Day 7

hey there sexy

Sandy and I are in the CIT and she thinks you are adorable. I guess I do, too. I'm supposed to be writing my five pages-o-dialogue but hoping to be distracted instead. Thanks for providing a diversion. Now, a note:

Sebastian. Light of my life. Star in my skies. Lint in my belly button. You are the coolest! GET SOME SLEEP GIRL?????????? You are GOD... Will we ever meet? Now, I know we met in the Ratty, but that doesn't count. Bastards! Lizzie's trying to keep us apart. She thinks that you'll hate me... or, maybe, love me... too much. Wink, nudge. Tell her that you MUST meet "this Sandy you keep hearin' so much about" or the relationship is over! She'll take the bait! Have a good day, my little studberry muffin! -Sandy

Maybe you should go out with her, if you like that openly affectionate thing. But from me, you get nothing, except a kick every once in awhile.

Hope I talk to you soon... maybe tonight or tomorrow. Abandon all work and let's hang.

A hug,