Day 27


Irony strikes again. I slept for two and a half hours last night, from two.five to five am. I was up, but the light was down way low. Of course I was in my pjs, hair sticking straight off my head in all sort of clip-like contraptions, face breaking out, jaw locking. And you were sick, probably would have been a sad meeting. But I was really disappointed, too. Anyway, it's now 2 pm and the only thing I did all night was the two versions of my paper and I'm waiting for it to print, (I even ran the spell-check). I have so much work to do tonight it's ridiculous, but after my nap (around 11/12) I'd love to see you for an hour or so. (Not more! I can't allow myself!!) After this, I crash, and I love you for bringing up this weekend. I will go to Siberia with you if you're willing. I was afraid to bring it up. A day would be nice, more than that might be just too perfect. This paper sucks, I didn't get my conc. forms done, they're reading a rough of my play in two hours and my proj MUST be done by tom. Amazingly, I'm calm. You have a stabilizing effect on me. You and the weather. That's all that's required.


ps what a haunting dream. Sounds neat, unless it was sad. Which it shouldn't be.