Day 2

CIT Blues

Now it looks like you sent me a trillion messages because you forwarded those messages to me from your computer. If you get this right away, it must mean you're sitting like right on top of your computer, which must mean you're writing your paper. How exciting for you. I thought of another title, "Why Katherine is a supreme Shrew" or "How I tamed a Shrew over winter break" or even, "Shrews: What they Mean to Me". All of these titles are equally good of course, but as you pointed out, the hard part comes with supporting from the text. I think that whatever you do you should really try to work in the phrase, "Since Shakespeare's writing is completely irrelevant to English literary history...." I promise you it will boost your grade.

So like, are you my boyfriend now? I guess we didn't get down to the nitty-gritty language, but essentially that's where we stand, right? Yeah. I dislike that word, but what are you going to do. You have to speak the language of the natives. I much prefer the word, 'lover', which sounds pretentious and passionate and European. However, we technically have not crossed that border so perhaps it's inappropriate. I think what I've decided to go with right now is 'romantic interest". That almost sounds casual, I know, but it's a little more elegant than the b word.

I'll let you write your silly paper now. Remember, the study of English Literature is a farce! The only reason we are doing it is to support ourselves when we're thirty and too proud to work at the corner video store for a living. And that, my friend, is probably reason enough. Of course, if it was a really good reason, we'd be studying economics or computers-something.

Enough! I'm done! I shall leave you. Don't you go getting an ulcer on me now!