Day 12

we'll crucify the insincere tonight...

That's a great line. Great song. Which album is it from? You must have been up kind of late last night (at least 1:45) were you working? I know you had a lot to do. I went to bed at ten to supplement the three hours I had slept the night before. Now, I'm in a state of euphoria. Lots of factors. I am well-rested, I had a great conversation with my sister tonight, our plans for this summer are solidifying, I had a productive group meeting, my friend came to visit today and I got all the gossip, my writing fellow said my paper was well-written, that it was evident I was thinking and that I'm comfortable with syntax. Yahoo. Good day. Plus, the weather was heavenly.

Hey, was that you who called out to me yesterday, or Ben? It sounded like you, but did you call me 'freaky'? You nut. Obviously you were working with very little sleep, or else you would have recognized me and called out 'Goddess'. I'll forgive this minor indiscretion.

I'll try to call you tonight and see if you're around and if you're stressed out. Then I can say soothing things like, "Oh, too bad" or "just two more weeks and you're on break". Won't that be helpful? I'm not even going to suggest we get together because I know what the temptation will be and I'm not willing to have you fail out of school for one too many study breaks that became marathon smooch sessions. I'm way too mature for that. Of course, if you're not, I'm game for anything.

But seriously, I hope you are not dying of ulcers and cancerous tumors of the lungs and mouth. Switch to decaf!! According to the commercials, you'll never know the difference.

Keep grooving, sweet tart.