i'm worried because he's writing a sonata...
thing is i'm worried cause you know, we're both into music and everything, but I'M the real musician here out of the two of us, i mean i love him and everything, but he needs me to make the magic happen.
and now, he's writing a sonata?

what the fuck is a sonata? i mean i've definitely heard that word, maybe from that one time people were talking about Beethoven stuff in a basement or during that Amadeus movie he and the others watched in the room. but besides the fact that he apparently knows more than me about this music... he doesn't need me to write it. do you know what this means? every song, every tiny little piece of his musical progeny has been proclaimed from my lips.
and now. he's writing a "Sonata for Piano in G minor."
fuck the piano. can pianos kick on the distortion? can pianos bend huge notes? can pianos play that outro solo in "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" with the tapping on the high E string beeooowowow, diddly doo doo chuk-a-chuk-a beow ba na nan NO THEY CAN'T.

..i'm trying not to be the jealous-girl type. maybe hannah rubbed off on me? but no, i can't blame this on anyone else. it's just that, i wish he would keep his promises sometimes... and maybe spend some time with me... he's the only friend i've got around here.

Michael Costagliola

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