Hygd, Haereth's daughter, was the model
of prudence, though yet inexperienced
in the ways of the world; even so, she was not close-fisted
nor sparing of gifts -- of magnificencent treasures --
to her loyal subjects. Unlike Modthrytho:
famous queen who cowed her people
with her wickedness -- none of her thanes
dare approach the woman, except her husband,
to gaze upon her perilous beauty;
or he was destined for a tightly knit
death-collar, and immediately after
the dread hand on his shoulder, the sword was drawn,
the blade worked like beautiful cloth
signalled his certain death. it is not queenly
for a woman to act so -- however handsome she may be --
for a peace-weaver to pretend an insult
and so have put to death some dear man.
Hemming's kinsman brought an end to that --
a man said to his companion at drink
she would be less of a grief to her people,
and a source of woe, once she was given
in gold rainment to the young champion,
the brave aetheling. Afterwards, as her father
had commanded, she sought Offa's hall
over the fallow waves. Once there, she became
famous for her virtue on the folk-throne,
enjoyed, while she lived, what fate granted her,
drank the full measure of love with that prince --
the best, I have heard, of all mankind,
of the myriad peoples beside the two seas.
Afterwards, Offa was known far and wide
through his gifts and victories, his good supply
of brave spear-men; he ruled his kingdom
wisely -- from him descended Eomer,
a friend of his people, Hemming's blood-kin,
grandson of Garmund, skilled in battle. (Beowulf, ll.1927-1962)

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