Sneaking into my own house for the food that should be mine. I never would have thought that it would end up like this. Me an intruder into my own house. Austin sleeping in my bed. I didn't really want this to happen. I just wanted attention, some love, and the only place that I could turn to get that was Nick. I remember one day when I first started this change. My guidance counselor called me down to her office, asking me what was going on. My grades were slipping, I was skipping school. I told her exactly what the problem was-my fucking parents. So she called them to have a conference. I think I might have changed back to my former self except that when they came into the meeting, they told her that everything was a lie. That things at home were no where near what I was making them out to be. That I had been a "demon child," that I was hostile towards them, my sisters, and worst of all to my younger brother Austin. My counselor looked over to me with a disapproving glare, and the meeting was over. I left the office more determined than ever to make them pay for what they did to me.

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