Shot already fired as I run out of Brian's bedroom. What the fuck is going on? We just came to get some food, to get warm, to get out of hell that is our existence just for a bit. No one was supposed to be home. What the fuck is going on? Looking down narrow staircase, a trail of blood dots the yellowed carpet and Brain standing over dead bodies. Whimpering low pitched moans, almost unearthly noises. "Brian?" I try to get him to snap out of it. A bloodied rifle sits next to him, blood and guts all over the place. Fucking kid screaming and beating on Brian. "Daddy don't be dead." It's like this is all a dream, or a nightmare really. So surreal, lover bloodied, his brother wailing, witness to the murder of his parents. Brian's mother blown to bits like she were microwaved or something. Father gurgling, crimson running down cheek to stain carpet. Just be over, just be over. I pick up the rifle and finish the bastard off. For hurting Brian, for being making him feel like shit for loving me. Bastard. An explosion of juices and insides and hair and skin erupts in a cloud of body parts. I wipe my face off, and see that Brain has Austin by the neck, dragging him kicking and screaming up the staircase, spreading the insides all around, drowning his little brother in a sea of horror. I hear the gush of water, the screaming stops. The adrenaline starts to fade, and I'm left there standing in a make shift burial grounds, not knowing what to do.

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