People exist as data.

The existence of data is inherently unstable because it can be shifted by electromagnetic energy, in the same manner the people who live on this planet are also unstable.

The real exists as the recorded.

Memory is that which is saved, recorded by the living computer that houses the citizens of this world. Ghosts of past lives manifest themselves regularly just as ghost images of partially erased data on magnetic tapes shows through sometimes.

It is the same thing that happens when you tape over an audio cassette and hear the other side of a tape in reverse. Memory is the main thing in jeopardy in this world, memory gives identity and consistency.

It is for this reason that the ruling class has power, the ruling class possesses recorders that are not magnetic or optical. They control memory and possess stability in their day to day lives. By depriving the rest of the world of this technology they in effect control the world and its existence.

To oppose them meant certain destruction through erasure, to fight is impossible because of the fragility of what memory that they do have.

There is however one way to fight them, an underground movement of people that regularly save information about the struggle on a global network that is constantly shifting in order to avoid the destruction that instability in the atmosphere brings.

The underground "buries" data at certain levels of the grid that make them impossible to recall without spending years searching for it. The tricky part about burying data on the grid is that the key to unlock the position of sensitive data must be in an obvious and often traversed node in the grid, such as a shopping grid, or an entertainment grid.