This legend is written as a hardware chip embedded in the history locus of the grid.

In this legend the stars in the sky are gods, represented by the green statue and the red statue, and the planet which is between the two is represented by the young boy, Anani.

As the legend states Anani, being a smart and clever young boy, plotted to steal away the day from the two gods.

He waited until just before dawn as the two gods fought over who would reign the day, and stole it away while they weren't looking, in order to make himself king.

With the power of the day quietly hidden away Anani crept forth into the darkness and declared himself ruler

The gods needless to say did not appreciate this and joined together to capture Anani and lock him deep within the heart of the grid.

Locked away in a chamber encrypted by 1's and 0's in a tomb of data.

From this day forth the planet lived in darkness, the two stars that previously supported life on the planet began to swell and fight once more. This time they fought over who would control the night.

The imprisonment of the boy-king signified the beginning of the digital underground movement that forced the inhabitants to embrace new and unproven technology created by the ancestors of the now ruling class that translates people into data.

At first the new technology succeeded in its simulation of the real in the cyberreality of the "living computer" because it was an effective means for survival. However once the living bodies of the people died from natural causes (as natural as exposure to intense electromagnetic radiation can be) the simulated became the real and in turn created a world that knew only itself.

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