Sequence 1: living room interior. A young man sits alone on the sofa, looking around desperately trying to find something. The noise of a sitcom laugh track is heard in the background. From offscreen a young woman's annoyed voice calls: "Reid, have you found the control yet?"

The young man responds defeatedly, "No, I must have lost it."

The young woman's voice: "Well, I can't wait around any longer. I'm leaving. And Reid -- please don't call me anymore." The door slams.

Sequence 2: the same interior. The young man sits with the young woman on the sofa, his arm around her. Both are smiling. The sounds of a basketball game heard faintly from offscreen.

The basketball game noises switch abruptly to the sound of a game show.

The young woman says coyly: "You know Reid, I just love a man who's in control."

The U-CONTROL logo appears on the screen. Voice-over: "Don't let TV control you. U-CONTROL it!" Fade to black . . .