Riders are seldom scared. They are people who habitually deal with
lives and hearts that are bigger than their own. Simply, they are not
allowed to be scared. It can be good, a lack of fear, one-sided perhaps
and the better side to be on. They like to drive fast as if they were
at the moment of motion, carving the road out of the ground with a
scapel the size of a Volkswagen. They don't care if they smell like
horse, or sit on a horse pasture fence before noting that the dry
splinters and orange rust will stain their pants.

He was a little bit crazy this morning, going to test out a horse that
was practically savage. He would approach the animal as if he were a
little but crazy. Maybe not pausing once. He would let it dance, hooves
on hot an iron hotplate, and only take back his control if bucking
began, or the horse decided to jump the arena fence.