The national horse jumping competition is held at the Club Hipica de Anezcar, a small town outside of Pamplona, by the federacion Navarra de Hipica. The bells rang as the riders were sumounded to enter or exit la pista in tight consequence. This was a sport were men and woman were made equal. Los saltos were enormous, reaching her chest and shoulders, forcing the horses to spring and sail forward at once to clear them, although frequently they did not. With a wooden and metal shift like a door slam, the heavy painted bars thudded to the arena sand when the hooves of the jumper hit them. The girth of a jumper held a flat leather plate against the chest of the horse so his abruptly rising hooves did not rip open his skin. A grassy field is the mediator, or a stall door, between which the two stare at the same disappointments, anxieties, contentedness.